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Sign-Up Today for Wellness Center Classes!


Click on the link below to download Spring 2014 Wellness Center application


Spring 2014 Wellness Center Application


Applications can be turned into the following:

Business Office at Ho’okipa – Cash , Check, or Debit Only  Accepted


Wellness Center at Pilina Before Classes –  Check / Exact Change Only 


15 thoughts on “Sign Up!

  1. Hi! I just paid for my membership today and I was wondering if I had to bring anything like my receipt to the classes to show proof, or do I get like a card?

    • We have two check in girls as you enter the Wellness. If you have your receipt, hand it to the girls and they can check you in as a member for the rest of the semester. We are not issuing cards, but you will be placed on our Master list as a member once you check in the first time.

    • Sorry I haven’t seen this message until now. I’m sure you already started working out at the center. In the future, as soon as you pay for membership you are allowed to workout. We receive the paperwork within 2 weeks of payment and allow all members to workout as soon as payment is made.

  2. I was trying to sign up for the 2013 spring semester, I have the application but am not sure where to send it.

  3. Can I take a fitness class the same day I pay?

    • Aloha sorry for the late reply. We offer drop-in’s that are five dollars, or you can bring exact change or a check to the class your going to join and we can sign up in right there! Hope to see you there!

  4. Is there a way I can fax my application and pay by credit card over the phone?

    • Aloha sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we can not able to accept any payment over the phone or by mail. All payments must be done in person. You are able to pay with a credit card at the business office or bring a check or exact cash when checking into a class. Please call the school for the business offices summer hours.

  5. since classes have already started Is it too late to sign up for a summer membership? or should i wait for the fall applications?

    • Aloha Tyler!
      It’s not too late to sign up for a summer membership. We still have a little over 2 months of Summer so If you’d like to sign up you can do so by attending any of the classes, when checking in you’ll be greeted by a Student Life Assistant that will help you sign up for a membership.
      UHMC Student Life

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  7. What if we bring a friend to a class for one day only? How much would it be?

    • Aloha Demi,

      We encourage friends and newcomers to attend classes even if they are not a member! This way they are able to “test” out classes without having to commit to the semester fee. Non-members may “Drop-In” to a class, for only $5.00, per class. Payment will be collected prior to class beginning and the non-member will have to fill out and sign a liability waiver before joining the class session. Drop-in’s may attend any class on any day! It is a great way to find if the classes and sessions at the Wellness Center are right for you! Thank you for your question and we appreciate your continued support and patronage at the Wellness Center!


  8. Aloha,
    I had a few question about joining..
    how hard is it to catch up to the other students in the class and do we have to commit? Can we decide to try a class for a few weeks and then just stop going??

    • Aloha Julia,
      Instructors at the Wellness Center are very helpful with easing you into any class and also encourage you to go at your own pace. It is up to you if you would like to commit to a full membership, but if not you are able to pay $5 as a drop in for each class you attend. Hopefully all your questions were answered, and if you have further questions please contact us by phone 984-3434 or email:

      Student Life Team

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