Thank you for your patience as we sort through all the last minute changes at the Wellness Center!

Thur. March 20               Fri. March 21                          Sat. March 22

12pm Yoga w/ Megan    7:30 am RIPPED w/ Kelly         7am Pilates w/ Carol

4:30 Zumba w/ Lovey    11am Core Training w/ Brian    8am Core Training w/ Megan

5:30 RIPPED w/ Kelly     12pm Zumba w/ Jacky             9am Zumba w/ Jacky

6:30 No Class                 3:30  Muay Thai w/ Brian                        

                                       4:30 Boot Camp w/ Brian

                                       5:30 Pilates w/ Carol

Tuesday Wellness Tip

Did you know that one of the best foods to lower high blood pressure could be right there in your kitchen? Especially here in Hawai’i…It’s Bananas!

This popular fruit is full of potassium that provides tons of benefits for your heart!

Plus they are so easy to eat on the go….


Tuesday Wellness Tip!

Time for another Tuesday Wellness Tip! 

Did you know the smelly stuff is actually good for you?? Garlic, onions and and leeks contain some of the best nutrients for your body!! It is best to eat these raw, as to keep the essential nutrients in. Make sure to add some of these ingredients to your meals today! 


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