Kelly Watanabe – Zumba and R.I.P.P.E.ED

Kelly discovered Zumba in 2008 when she was looking for a fun way to cross-train for a marathon. She found that Zumba is not only fun but a great cardio and toning workout as well. Kelly was certified as a Zumba instructor in August 2010.  Her classes are full of energy so be sure to bring a towel and a water bottle! Kelly is also a lecturer at UHMC.

Jacqueline Ishii – Zumba, Dance with Me (DMW)

Jacqueline has loved to dance since she was a little girl, with Latin dancing always being her favorite.  In ’09 she found Zumba and fell in love with the combination of dance and exercise right away.  The next logical step was becoming an instructor so that she could watch other people experience the joy and benefits of Zumba!  Jackie recently got certified in Dance with Me.  DWM is a class that incorporates different styles of dancing into an hour of fun.

Carol Conley – Pilates

Carol has an extensive background in fitness that spans over 15 years.  She has been a certified Mat Pilates instructor for 8 years.  Pilates is a great tool to teach body awareness and help incorporate good posture and form into your everyday life.  She recommends it for anyone wanting to gain balance and strength to increase the quality of performance in all areas of life.  Carol is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Johnny G Spinning instructor.

Sherry Cantere – Zumba and Hot Hula

HOT HULA fitness® is a fun, new and exciting dance workout.  It provides a “total body workout” in 6o minutes. HOT HULA fitness ® isolates your larger muscle groups, increasing strength and definition to your core with specific emphasis on the abs, glutes, quads and arms.  Inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands, HOT HULA fitness® incorporates easy to perform dance movements set to the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae music, resulting in a modern, hip fitness workout.  All ages and fitness levels will enjoyHOT HULA fitness®.

Lovey Arias – Zumba

Suzette Navarro – Zumba

Sherry, Lovey, & Suzette love to dance and exercise. Zumba is a combination of cardio exercise that helps tone & sculpt your body, while burning calories as you dance your way into fitness.  If you love to dance and have fun, then Zumba is something you need to experience.

Every class feels like a party with these ladies!  Come join any one of their classes and you’ll see!

Brian Crespin – Muay Thai, Core Training, Boot Camp, Freestyle Fitness, Aerobic Fit 

Brian always strives to be the very best at what he does.  He was always curious about sports, art, ocean, and venturing out and experiencing the island of Maui.  In High school he took up Football as a defensive back and enjoyed the physicality of the sport.  Physical contact sparked his curiosity for other contact sports and Martial Arts.  Of all the sports, wrestling was his calling.  At 24 he was introduced to Martial Arts, Muay Thai and was trained by World Muay Thai Champion Kru Mel in San Diego.  He is a certified in Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and is a Personal Fitness Trainer.  His goal and aspiration is to teach the principals of Muay Thai to everyone.  It is a way of life-style training, incorporating physical & mental toughness, offensive techniques, and self– defense.

Megan Nolan – Yoga, Tone & Tighten

Megan joins our team from Victoria, BC, Canada, having worked there as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher for the last 5 years.  Megan’s teaching style has been influenced by a multitude of disciplines and styles and has evolved into a uniquely challenging flow that will help you simultaneously develop strength and flexibility to help encourage both stability and mobility throughout your body.  Megan believes that Yoga and other forms of exercise provide us with the opportunity to step inside, to re-establish connection, control, and discipline while giving us the freedom to live fully and experience true health and wellness.

Kelli Kiesel – Turbo Kick, R.I.P.P.E.D

Growing up, Kelli was always on some kind of team or cheering for one.  She graduated with a B.S in Exercise & Sports Science and currently works part-time as a Group Exercise Coordinator & Instructor.  Her #1 priority as your Coach is to motivate you and inspire you to be the best that you can be.  She believes that with your commitment and her motivation YOU can find true success.


Rhonda J. Holtz

Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist

Rhonda Holtz was with the Metropolitan Club in San Francisco, Ca. for four years building the Pilates program.  Her work here included two successful group classes and a thriving one on one Pilates training program.  She specializes in pain management, core strength and stability; with individually planned Pilates programs.

Charli A

Charli Abihai

Street Jamz

Charli Abihai  brings over 20 years of dance experience in Hip-Hop and Contemporary Jazz having performed and taught dance in numerous venues locally, on the continental U.S. and internationally in both professional and community projects. She has danced and trained with some of Hawaii’s best choreographers: Big City Productions under the direction of Pam Sandridge and Mara Bacon-Chang, S.L.A.M. Hip-Hop Dance Company under the direction of Mara Bacon-Chang, Kamehameha Performing Arts Company & the University of Hawai`i Rainbow Dancers with Stacey Archer-Little. Charli is one of the 1st instructors certified to teach Street Jamz Werkout® and is the first instructor on Maui. Charli’s greatest desire is to encourage people of all fitness levels to get their “Werkout” on!


                                                                                                              Sara Crawford

  Sara Crawford attended her first yoga class at her local gym at the age of 18 in the form of HotYoga.  Her stubborn dislike of yoga soon turned into a fond love for it. She never turned back. She decided to deepen her understanding of yoga and pursued her first 200 hour Teacher Training at the Teton Yoga Shala in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2012 with Adi Amar and Angela Tong. In the same year she came to the Island of Maui for a yoga retreat and found a deep love for Maui. Vowing to come back someday to call it her home. She moved to the Island in 2013 from Casper, Wyoming to attend a second teacher training with Maya Yoga Studio, under the instruction of Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestoni.

  Sara is also an avid workout and nutrition enthusiast. She participated in numerous dance and gymnastics competitions growing up and later became a coach for gymnastics and tumbling. She took on CrossFit after her gymnastics career and took to competing and training with CrossFit. She has recently attained her Level 1 CrossFit and MobilityWOD Certifications.

  She is very passionate about teaching and giving others the opportunity to learn the art and science of Yoga. Guiding others on a journey of health, fitness and overall wellness. Her goal with yoga is to make it approachable and accessible to those who need it most. Providing students with the tools and skills to make yoga a self-reliant healing system for themselves.



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